Lean Management System – LEVEL 1 – Japan Study Tour

7– 15 October 2023

Join the leading Lean Training Programme in Japan this November for an experience of a lifetime.

We are proud to offer you this unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience studying with Toyota gurus for one whole week in Japan.

The Lean Management System study tour covers a comprehensive view of Lean leadership and the Lean Production System. The tour provides you with an opportunity to study in Toyota’s own training centre with direct access to Toyota trainers and Toyota  production facilities.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to boost your leadership and management skills by learning from the very best in the world. You will also obtain your Certificate directly from Toyota. We have created a study week that combines intense learning with both fun and cultural immersion!

Understand Why and How to use LEAN

This Study Tour will provide you with a deep understanding of how to make the best use of Lean. This is a unique opportunity to visit Japan, Toyota, and some of their suppliers to train in Lean through seminars, Gemba visits, and participating in practical training at Toyota’s own training facility. The objective is to dig deep into the WHAT, WHY and HOW of Lean Thinking. What are the elements needed to run a successful Lean system? Why is it so popular in current thinking and How can it influence your own organization and support growth.

By understanding  the whole lean management system you will get an insight into what these leading Japanese companies are doing to compete in today’s fast changing environment.

You will learn to identify the tools and elements of Lean Methodology that can be applied to your own business to support profitable growth. The week in Japan will also provide an insight into Japanese culture and values.

Study Tour Package Includes:

  • Workshops and seminars
  • Study visits
  • Hotel Accommodation for the entire duration of the study visit
  • Local transfers in Japan
  • Full board Sunday – Friday
  • Farewell dinner

Costs & To Book

  •  £6,150 plus VAT, due to new restrictions we can advise on flights but not book on your behalf, pricing has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Onsite Host Companies: 10% Discount on all Bookings
  • Group Discount: 10% Discount on 4 or more places

Need Help or Advice?

For full terms and conditions and for details of our Company Insurance Policy please do contact us.

Any questions  regarding the training, the travel to or within Japan – please do give us a call on +44 (0) 23 9246 8978.

The study tour is being delivered by SA Partners LLP and Onsite Insights in partnership with C2U Group.

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Lean Manufacturing … Company culture … Kanban … Kaizen … 5S … TPM … Visual Management … Managing full product lifecycle … Value stream mapping … Quality Problem Sheet … Five Whys? … Process flow … Environmental Management … Training & Development … Quality Control … Investor in People

Visit agenda

The training week will provide an invaluable insight into lean thinking. You will see it in action at Toyota and other leading-edge companies, where it originated and has matured over the last 100 years.

Learn the original thinking directly from former senior executives at Gifu Autobody, a Toyota-owned minivan manufacturer.  The Japanese sensei’s

(guru’s) will only teach based on real experience.

Time will be divided between the classroom, Gemba and practical workshops. The tour starts in the Nagoya region and ends in Tokyo, going from countryside to one of the largest cities in the world.

Day 1
Departure Europe

We depart from Europe and fly to Nagoya, Japan.

Day 2
Arrival and Tour Opening

Pick up/arrival in Nagoya and since it is a Sunday, we will take the opportunity to recover from jet lag and relax after the long flight by visiting the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology where we also will have lunch. In the museum we can follow the Japanese industrial history from looms to robotics. After the visit we take the bus to travel to the destination of
the day, Kakamigahara, where we will stay until Friday. The day ends
with a common dinner and introduction of the week.

Day 3
Classroom Training

The first day of training introduces the Production System by our host for the week. A Japanese senior manager will lead us through Toyota Production System from a manager perspective. From values, mindset to specific tools and methods. This session will prepare the group in what we can expect from the study visits, from the practice and from the following sessions. Your overall
picture of the production system will be confirmed or completed. In the afternoon we go for a first study visit, guided by our sensei. Q&A.
Group dinner will follow.

Day 4
Plant Tour and more Training

Next day, we continue to dig deeper into aspects of the production system and the Toyota way of managing and leading. How are all the puzzle pieces connected? How is Kaizen work organized and performed? Etc. After lunch, we go for another study visit and if time allows, we will also end with a visit to a traditional knife maker. Group dinner will follow.

Day 5

The fifth day we spend in the Training Center where Toyota train their own people. We will increase our knowledge of Kanban when the group take part in a Kanban Role Play and we will train in how to perform a productivity improvement task following the Toyota methods. Group dinner will follow.

Day 6
Study Visit and further Training

The sixth day will start with a study visit before spending the rest of the day with a final Q&A and concluding the learnings for the week. Presentation by all participants. Followed by our group dinner.

Day 7

The last day ends with a study visit. We do final reflections before we board the bullet train that will take us to Tokyo. Free evening in Tokyo.

Day 8
Sightseeing Day in Tokyo

You will end the tour with a Free day in Tokyo where we will support you with travel advice and sightseeing recommendations. This will be followed up by a team farewell dinner.

Day 9
Departure from Tokyo