WEBINAR: Essence of Excellence with Prof Peter Hines

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Business continuity planning has become critical given the current environment, and to help organisations adapt and hopefully thrive during the weeks ahead, we will be delivering a series of free webinars where we will be talking you through some of the critical issues, but will also be available for questions through a Q&A session.

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Essence of Excellence with Prof Peter Hines:
What separates the really great from the merely good organisations? The answer lies not in what you see, or the tools people use, but in the feel, the pure essence of these organisations. It is the mind-set, the language, the confidence and the sheer passion for excellence. What these sites do have is a set of Principle-led Behaviours, effective Core Operating Systems and a sustainable approach. In this webinar with the Author of the award-winning book The Essence of Excellence, Peter will share how we can take guidance from these companies to define how we respond to the current market challenges and how we might respond from the current market upheaval with renewed focus.