Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford is a global leader in medical device design and manufacture, leading innovation in this space and delivering medical device solutions that respond to customer and market needs.

Now in our 70th year having collaborated with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies, medical distributors, healthcare professionals and patients. Through this well-established network we deliver the highest levels of safety, comfort and accuracy in the treatment and diagnosis of chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Lean Deployment

The story of lean deployment within Owen Mumford. The successes, failures and lessons learned during our lean journey.

Centres of Excellence

Operation strategy deployment and various approaches taken by each node within the manufacturing network.

Leader and Management Programme

An overview of Owen Mumfords Leader and Management Programme, why it was needed, how it was deployed and what it has and will continue to deliver.

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Lean Deployment … Centres of Excellence … Leader and Management Programme …

Visit agenda

10.00: Arrival & welcome
10.30: Lean Deployment
11.30: Site Tour (Gemba)
12.30: Lunch
13.00: Centres of Excellence
13.45: Leader & Management Programme
14.30: Feedback
15.00: Close & Depart