Lean Forum Virtual Meet-Up

The Lean Forum exists to encourage the sharing of ideas on Best Practice, Continuous Improvement and lean through networking, visits and workshops.  We have groups in the Solent, Humber, West Midlands and South Wales but in this virtual world we are extending invites to companies across the UK & Ireland.

Our virtual meet-up on the 20 Jan 2021, will focus on Employee Engagement and we are pleased to announce that we have a number of guest speakers joining from our Lean Forum network:

  • Alexander Mul, of IMTECH who has been leading the organisations employee engagement programme the ‘Imtech Way’
  • Simon Leonard, of LGC Genomics is currently deploying a cultural change within his organisation which has been focused on creating the right values and behaviours to drive Continuous Improvement and Employee Engagement.

The meeting will be delivered via Teams.