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HMD is the home of the sealless pump. As the first to develop and perfect the magnetic drive for pumping applications, over sixty years ago. With a mag drive seal less pump there is no danger of emissions or leaks. The containment seal is completely glandless so provides the ability to be both user and environmentally friendly. Zero seals mean low maintenance and reduced ongoing costs. There are no seals to replace and, with components common across the HMD range, therefore spare parts inventory can be kept to a minimum.

HMD seal/less magnet driven pumps have a host of applications. They are particularly useful in high temperature, high viscosity, high pressure and hazardous situations.HMD Kontro pumps are particularly applicable to industries such as petroleum, chemical, gas, pharmaceutical and similar sectors where toxic or fine, corrosive or aggressive liquid needs to be pumped and moved. The seal/less pump is particularly suited to environments that are hot or caustic, such as those in petrochemical refineries

Lean Manufacturing – OEE


We machine only those components that fit our core competency in house, anything simple is outsourced; so to ensure our equipment is utilised fully we conduct OEE for six week blocks and follow up the findings with training plans to allow the operators to fix the problem areas themselves. We can show you the format and spreadsheets used and explain the benefits it has shown us and how to keep it simple.

Supply Chain Management – Scorecards


We outsource 93% of all required components, so to ensure consistency in quality and delivery time we have created a scorecard system based on the best practices that we could find and refined it. We can show you how to gather the required data and how to approach suppliers with their and your own problems to create a ?win-win solution and how you can effectively manage the top percentage of your supply chain.

People Development & Leadership – Employee Satisfaction


We complete a biennial employee satisfaction survey as required by our parent company. We have developed a process of improved employee communication which allows a forum for employees to feedback to us what they feel is important. These issues are then the focus for improvement for the company. All actions are linked to categories in the employee survey and a newsletter produced quarterly. Since the start of this process in 2005, our results have improved from 46% to 64% (the largest increase world wide) and we are now targeting 75%.

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