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HAPPY is a multi-award-winning company that was voted 2nd best workplace in the UK in the Financial Times. A training company based in Aldgate, central London, Happy employs just 46 people but has won widespread recognition for its unique approach.

The core principle at Happy is that people work best when they feel good about themselves. The main purpose of the company management is to create a framework where people do indeed feel good about themselves. The result is a people-focused business that has won a plethora of prestigious awards (see below). The business benefits of this approach are clear, and the company has a waiting list of over 2000 people for the next job vacancy!

Creating a great place to work

What makes a great place to work? Involving visitors, Happy will reveal key principles and specific steps to take to make your workplace one that people will really want to work in. Recognise how to create a blame-free environment and identify the key principle for management focus.

Great customer service

The first principle of great customer service is: Treat your customers as you would want to be treated. The visit will involve the audience in bringing together great and poor customer service experiences and lead to practical steps you can take. You will recognise what differentiates great service from normal service and identify key steps to help your organisation to improve.

Positive social impact

Discover ways to develop the social effect of your organisations work on employees and the wider community.

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Creating a great place to work … Empowerment methods … Great customer service … Net Promoter Scores … Recruitment and Interviewing techniques … HR & Delegation … 360 appraisals … Inspiring people … Change culture … Work Life Balance … Community Service (CSR)

Visit agenda

10.00: Arrival & welcome
10.15: Creating a great place to work
 When do people work at their best?
 The happy story: a different approach
 Learning from the best
12.15: Great customer service
13.00: Lunch
13.45: Positive Social Impact
14.30: Questions & Answers / Feedback
15.15: Close & Depart