Cummins Turbo

Cummins is the only manufacturer focused solely on medium-to heavy-duty diesel engine turbo technologies. For more than 60 years, they have delivered innovative, reliable turbocharger solutions for their customers.

Commercial diesel engines require advanced technologies that deliver efficiency and meet strict emissions requirements. Our fixed, wastegate, variable, two-stage, turbo-compounding and waste heat expander technologies were specifically developed to deliver higher efficiency and lower cost.

Today, Cummins Turbo Technologies engineers are actively developing state of the art solutions for the next generation, including assisted turbocharging, new bearing systems and enhanced compressor stage performance.

The Huddersfield site is currently undergoing a major refurbishment to improve flow and support their operational excellence initiatives, as well as future-proofing the facility to ensure they can meet emerging demands of the wider group.

Visit in 60 seconds / Awards

Plant Refurb Project … Journey to Automation … Digital Team Boards … HSE Culture … New Technology Introduction

Visit agenda

09.30: Arrival & Introductions

10:00: CMI Business Overview

10:20: Operational Excellence Exercise 1

11:00: Operational Excellence/6 Sigma

11:15: Plant Tour 1

12:15: Lunch

13:00: Plant Tour 2

14:00: Operational Excellence Exercise 2

14:45: Q&A & Close out

15:00: Depart